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"If you're looking for an intelligent and in-depth training to learn Thai massage technique or up-level your bodywork practice, I highly recommend this. The graceful and highly accomplished David Roma is offering Thai Massage training at The Sunshine Massage School. 

I receive bodywork from him regularly and am astounded every time by his balletic maneuvering and skillful touch. His gentle presence and depth of experience will provide a remarkable education."

Marisa, New York NY

"When considering a yoga retreat and Thai massage training in an idyllic setting look no further than Om Waters and David Roma for his annual indepth workshops. There is no better mentor and environment to learn and/or expand your Thai Massage skills while deepening your yoga practice. From the astonishing setting in Sri Lanna National Park to the vegetarian meals provided, the retreat is an incredible value filled with fellowship, comraderie and restorative energy. The staff and instruction are highly skillful professional and synergistic. After thoroughly enjoying myself by attending in 2019, I returned in February 2020 wondering if I could meet or exceed the amazing experience I had the first time. It by far exceeded my wildest expectations! I have formed lifelong friendships with people I never met prior and feel like I gained a solid foundation in the art of Thai Massage."
Andrew Feldman, Connecticut

"I feel so inspired by your way to touch so graceful deep. I love it. And today I gave trying to feel the same stillness. Thank you again it was a very gift!"
Flora ~ OsteoThai Practitioner
Florence, Italy

"Of all the technique we covered last week, watching the presence and focus you applied while practice was the most enriching and frankly inspiring portion. Thank you.   You've reignited my passion to deepen my practice. All love and light."

Lucas, Graybear TN

"I am grateful for that beautiful work you did last week.  I have such freedom moving through me and lightness.  I was walking in the street the next day, (and I guess my legs have gotten so used to anticipating pain with each step since the car accident) normally I just accept it as the sensation that comes along with each step.  When the pain was not there each step felt like amazing pleasure, freedom, happiness.  It lasted for a long while and I was sending you gratefulness the whole time.  I hope you could feel it.  Really, a lovely massage.  I am glad you do what you do with your time.  You will be spreading a lot of good in the world.  I would love to have a massage with you any time you are in the area.  I found it so helpful."  

Kim Abraham, New London CT


"Glad you came to Japan.  My body is very light!  The feeling is very calm, too. You are wonderful."  
Seiko, Tokyo Japan

"I felt and still feel amazing and full of life.  I am so grateful and happy we met and really enjoyed sharing Thai massage with you.  I am so inspired by the way you work."  

Alex, London England


"I hurt my back of a week ago, that resulted in extreme pain.  Therefore, when I received an email offering Thai Massage Yoga, it intrigued me enough to inquire and make an appointment in hopes that this would help me.  In doing so, yesterday I encountered one of the most wonderful and healing experiences ever.  David Roma has an amazing spiritual touch that put my mind and body in a harmonious state, not to mention that in about a half hour after the treatment my back pain was gone!  I would recommend this heavenly centuries old therapy to any of your clients who may be experiencing some pain of sorts or just seeking an unimaginable "blissful" journey to relieve the everyday stresses that life sometimes brings upon us.  Thanks and I love the Home Wellness Center"  

Ariene Franchini, Mystic CT

"David is a humble master.  As a Thai massage practitioner myself, I see David as much as possible to receive the magic of his sessions.  He is one of the few individuals outside of Thailand that I not only feel completely comfortable with but endeavor to learn more from with my own practice.  Always deepening his own techniques (thought improvement at this point seemed impossible) David continually immerses himself in exchanges with some of the world's best Thai massage practitioners."  

Angela, Washington DC

"I have been a client of David's over the past several months in relation to unilateral hip tightness/dysfunction as well as for chronic neck issues.  I began Thai massage treatments with David upon the recommendation of my regular massage therapist and chiropractor.  My experience with David has been a very positive one with ongoing improvements in relation to my hip and neck issues, but especially in the balancing of my body as a whole.


David is a pleasure to work with.  He is very knowledgeable in his understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.  His approach is very client centered and professional.  Additionally, his intuitive sense about the client's individual needs is amazing.  He is a very kind and giving person with his client's needs at the forefront of every session.  The sessions were always in a very calm and relaxed setting that was condusive to the therapy.  I have traveled the world extensively, have a strong background in physical therapy, have been teaching the Pilates work for 7 years and have received various treatments throughout."  

Sandra Herting, President/Owner Synergy Power for Life & Fitness, Avon CO

"David Roma has studied with some of the foremost Thai massage teachers in the world.  Yet what is most special about David's work is his integrity, dedication and beautiful heart that touches deeper than any technique.  Anyone who has the chance to receive Thai massage from this kind man is very lucky indeed."  

Jason, Chiang Mai Thailand 

"I have had massages all over the world, including Thai massages in Thailand.  None compare with those I've experienced with David Roma.  There is a spiritual quality to his practice of this ancient art and I leave each session rejuvinated in body, mind and spirit."  

Carol Puckett, President Viking Hospitality Group, Greenwood MS



"David is a kind and gentle person and has studied with my teacher Pichest Boonethumme in Thailand  I have enjoyed working with David and was pleased to be with him at the first THAI conference.  David will bring compassion into the classroom whenever he goes.  I am happy to encourage students to study with David."  

David Weltzer, RTT, Portland OR



"I just wanted to say thank you for sending out a recommendation about David a few weeks ago.  I contacted him and he came to my place in Manhattan yesterday and gave me a fantastic traditional Thai massage.  He is very talented and skilled.  I will definitely renew the experience and recommend him around me."  

Christine, New York NY



"What an amazing treatment you shared with me yesterday.  I am so grateful and happy that you crossed my way again!  I feel great this morning, had a relaxing sleep and my body does NOT have the usually morning kick in sluggishness and pain!  You brought me another load of light, love and knowledge... you are a miracle to me."  

Marina, Pensacola FL



It was a real pleasure meeting and practicing with you at Deon's workshop!  I have to admit, watching and experiencing your Thai Yoga massage expertise was one of the highlights of the weekend.  Your pacing, your aura of calm and watching your transitions gave me something to aspire to!  Without speaking a word, you made it quite clear, how important those smooth transitions are and that is something I want to work on!  I would so appreciate any advise, recommendations of any kind that you can offer me.  I am determined to learn all I can from all the wonderful teachers that cross my path."

Rachel, Ojai CA





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